Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nominations for the Best of the Seester Adventure

For the last entry, KK and I have come up with superlatives for our trip:
  • best MEAL ever: mussels and black squid risotto at Kamenice, Dubrovnik
  • best HOSTEL ever: Villa Veselova, Ljubljana
  • best GUY ever: Yanni at the Jazz Bar in Bled, aka our chauffeur, luggage porter, landlord and travel agent
  • best DRINK ever: "making love" (for 2!) at the Mexican restaurant in Ljubljana best NIGHT ever: my birthday in Ljubljana ;)
  • best ADVENTURE ever: canyoning in Bled
  • best DAY ever: horseback riding with Matt and Amy at Bohinj
  • best CRAZY IDEA ever: kayaking around an island on our own, Dubrovnik
  • best BAR ever: George Best Bar, Bled
  • best SNACK ever: wafers, Slovenia
  • best JOKE ever: that its possible to leave Bled
  • best RELAXING ACTIVITY ever: going to the baths in Budapest
  • best FRIENDS ever: Matt and Amy, the other half of the Awesome Foursome best BIRTHDAY PRESENT ever: bottle of Hungarain wine from a hostelmate 
  • best DRINKING BUDDIES ever: Belgians
  • best SHOPPING: street market, Ljubljana
  • best FRUIT ever: bananas in Bled
  • best GUIDE ever: Gregor, horseback riding, Bled
  • best MUSIC ever: Fiori Musicale, Dubrovnik best VIEW ever: from the tower of Dubrovnik's walls
  • best MISADVENTURE ever: going to the movies in Split
  • best TOURISTY thing ever: boat trip to the islands in Croatia
thus ends my travelblog for now, join me in a few weeks as I take on a bicycle trip around the Dingle Penninsula with Dad, and then hop over to London and Edinburg for a week!

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