Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Bled

So today we travelled back to Bled, albeit at different times. I hung around the Ljubljana hostel for a few hours to get some nap time in and see Jaymz off, and Kk went early to meet up with our friends. It was a dreary rainy day, good day to be relocating. Havent really eaten anything since lunch yesterday, I guess its a return to the one meal a day diet. Got a slice of pizza as I was running onto the bus, and a toasted sandwich at the bar in Bled, and besides liquid refreshment, thats about it. No wonder Im wasting away. Got to Bled, looked confused for about 5 minutes while I tried to figure out what direction I had to hike to get to the hostel, then finally found my way there. Met up with KK, Matt and Amy, and we went down to a cafe by the lake for some coffee, which I desperately needed. In the past two nights, Ive had about 5 hours of sleep total. Even the nap wasnt really restful. The scenery by the cafe was so gorgeous that we sat there for a few hours, chatting it up. Then after a quick change into warmer clothes, we relocated to the George Best bar (irish football player) where we discovered the delicious beer called Lashko. mmmm. Basically spent the rest of the night there, talking to all the people from our hostel that had come. Found a cute little kitten on the way home, named him Dooey (for Doofus, if you know anything about my animal naming scheme). Best thing about today:being in such a beautiful place.

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