Sunday, July 13, 2008

My 25th Birthday - Fun By The Slice

Best. Birthday. Ever. Random people at a hostel are so willing to help you celebrate your birthday because it gives everyone a great excuse to go out and party together. One of my roommates gave me a bottle of Hungarian wine, and some Belgian guys poured me a vodka coke, and I finished it all before we all went out for dinner. Lets just say I had a designated person to keep me upright, wink wink nudge nudge. So, dinner, dancing, didnt get to bed til 4amish. And thats all I am divulging. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Love from Slovenia!

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  1. Nice article on 25th birthday. Birthdays are quite exciting occasion and everyone celebrates the day with near and dear ones. I have never hosted grand party on my birthday but this year I am planning to host a grand vintage themed bash. I would rent out one of popular vintage NYC venues for parties.


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