Sunday, July 6, 2008

The City of 1,000 Steps and Cats

We have moved! Now we are steps away from the Old City in a super cute little room that overlooks (if we were tall enough to see out of the window) a little cove near the fort. The best part is that we don't have to take the bus anymore and don't have to walk up a million steps each night! I know that sounds lazy, but you would say the same thing if you saw the amount of steps we've been hiking here lately. Buns of steel sisters.

The little old lady that rents our new rooms reminds us of Grandma Anna, a little slavic babushka, she kept calling us "dvoi druzii", which means two friends. Then she brought us glasses of Tang, like we were campers. So adorable!

Yesterday we went to the perfect place to have a drink, located actually outside the city walls on the rocks with water lapping up below you. You look out on the sea and the island that sits across the water from Dubrovnik, which we are going to kayak to tomorrow. The gelato and pizza have followed us here to Dubrovnik from Rome, but at least there are some interesting varieties of pizza here, like Fruitte di Mare, with whole (complete with shells and eyes!) prawns on them. And gelato is always good.

But yesterday we found a bakery with some fabulous homemade cupcakes, as in, not from a box, with some kind of filling...must go back.

There are a million cats here. We made friends with a little white kitty down near the rocks yesterday and named him Sea Pickle. It's like any Med town I guess, lots of cats running around to keep the rats at bay, multiplying because no one really takes responsibility for them. Only here a lot of them are so skinny and hungry-looking, I just want to buy a big crate of cat food and collect all the cats in the city, pied-piper style, neuter them all and feed them til they're happy. And then make people take care of them, grr.

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