Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, what can I say, Rick Steves was right again! Ljubljana is sooo....fantastic. Its better than cute, better than quaint, its so much more. Its a small city, and the buildings aren't more than 4 or so stories high, and its on a river and the weather is beautiful, not really hot at all. We are just basking in the fabulousness. We've already bought some locally made jewelry and some cute magnets (don't worry, we got you a great one, Mom!) at the market. We also found the produce market and bought a half cantaloupe. Fruit!! Its amazing how much a strict diet of pizza and pastries will make you miss real fruit. And we are gonna eat at a mexican place tonight, yum. Tomorrow we'll check out the castle. And its my birthday! So there will be alcohol, lots of it. And hopefully some Slovenian food. Then I will somehow rouse myself out of bed on Sunday morning because we are being picked up (no crazy bus confusion for us this time!) to go canyoning! Once we experience it, we will tell you what it is. :) Alrighty, off to eat the melon, mmmmm....

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