Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stuck In The Black Hole of Backpackers!

So we tried to leave today, but we just couldnt do it! We got up a decent time, I ran off to go check out the castle, and Matt and KK went on a quick hike up to the gorge nearby. What they hadnt been told was how long it would take to get there! I got back by 11, when we were gonna meet to catch the bus to the train station, and met Amy here, but no KK or Matt. Waited around past noon, still no KK and Matt. WTF. Got a call from Matt who said we could catch the 1251 bus, could we bring their stuff to the bus station and they would meet us there? So Amy and I conned the hostel guy into driving all of our crap to the bus station, and still no KK and Matt. While we were waiting, I literally ran down around the lake to get money at the casino, and ran back. Got some funny looks, whats this crazy American girl doing running like a chicken with its head cut off? I ran because I only had a few miutes until the bus was supposed to leave. But when I got back, still no Matt and KK. More waiting, bought some bananas (yay fruit!!) and water for breakfast (a meal!) and waited more. Then a bus tried to run me and Amy and all our stuff over as it backed into its parking space. We had to bail out over a railing and dump our crap. Still no Matt and KK. Finally, at like 1 they came up, looking thunderous. Apparently 200 meters in Slovenian can mean all different distances, anywhere from 200 m to 2 km. Sufice it to say that it took Matt and KK a lot longer than previously thought to get back to Bled, even though they had been power walking the whole damn hike. By this time the bus has come and gone, and it really wouldnt make sense to try and catch the next one, because the trains wouldnt work out right to get us where we needed to go, so we decided to stay another night. Matt and Amy went down to Gregors office, and he got us the apartment we had stayed in the night before again! After all that hassle of buses and running and calling each other, its a big joke that we will just never be able to leave this place! So after reclaiming our apt, we went down to the lake for a swim, which was pretty damn cold, until you went numb all over, and then it was nice. Apparently there is some thermal action under the lake, we kept finding warm pockets of water and just following them as they moved. The water was sooo clear you could see your feet 2m down and the fishes around you. Such a great place to find yourself swimming. Bought some pasta and pesto at the market, and made use of our kitchen on the cheap, and broke into a bottle of wine. Then spent the night at Best bar again. weeee

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