Friday, August 15, 2008

New York Crazy Puppets Irish River

Soooo did I do something to anger the travel gods? I know I've complained about the inordinate amount screaming children that seem to follow me around as I wander this great earth, but really, this is just taking it too far. On my flight to New York this morning, which they almost didn't want to let me on because I had bought my ticket so far in advance that it had to be "revalidated", there was a little girl in front and to the right of me that, and I am not even exagerating here, screamed in that super annoying way of small children for the entire effing flight.

Her mother kept talking to her, note I said talking and not scolding or yelling back or smacking her like she should have been, but said little girl would not be quiet. So, plane and/or travel gods: please please please stop tormenting me! I would like to get to Ireland next week without wanting to kill someone!

In other news - New york is.... interesting.... flashy.... narcissitic..... touristy..... ethnic..... slightly sketchy..... and all around crazy. I am definitely a Boston girl, but New York has its own thing goin on, and I can appreciate the good parts of it all. Today Rebekah and Rebecca took me down to a restaurant on the river for lunch (photo: the Hudson river), very nice, and we walked along the river on the way back, so I didn't really get a dose of the nuttiness until we got off the subway right smack in the middle of Times Square later in the evening.

Oh my god I about had an epileptic seizure with all the flashy lights and tv screens and general in-your-face-ness. Pushed through it all to get down to where our theatre was, and found, of all things, an Irish Bar! And since we had time and needed some liquid refreshment before our show, of course we stopped in for a pint. They had Sam Adams Summer Ale, all time fave beer!! So of course after a summer completely without it, I have to take advantage of when the stuff is actually on tap!

We went to see Avenue Q, which is basically Sesame Street (puppets and all) for adults. There was a song about the internet, in which a big furry monster kept jumping in and finishing the others' lines with "for porn". So a line would go something like "you can search with google...for porn!" only way funnier than that. And then there the puppets got it on, which was hilarious considering these puppets only had top halfs, no legs or anything below the waist, so just imagine that one for a sec.  Now that you have that picture in your head, go buy yourself some tickets to this show, because it is that funny!

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