Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Croatia, Check

Well we are out of Dubrovnik, sad. We did go kayaking on our last day there, but ended up missing the tour we had reserved due to faulty bus info, and were an hour late. Soooo we just rented a kayak from the restaurant on the beach where we were and did the thing ourselves, and saved $100. Yay! It was tons of fun, except at the end the waves were getting slightly scary, good thing we were already headed for home. We went all the way around the island that sits across the bay from Dubrovnik, and stopped there to jump off all the fun high rocks and swim. Great fun, except I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs, and now they glow. They could power a small city for a month. Today we are in Split, and we are not very impressed with it. Diocletian built a palace here like 2000 years ago, and the city is pretty much built into it, so you can see the parts of it that have survived, but other than that there is the beach and day trips to other islands, but we are mostly beached out. Especially since daylight sets my legs on fire. I might self combust if i stay out too long. So tomorrow we are taking the train up to Ljubljana (Slovenia), and we will stay there through my birthday. Not much else to report. C, Over and out.

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