The Foodie and the Philistine

It wasn't until Jonno and I moved into a bigger flat last January and finally had the kitchen to cook more than just a pie on rice that I realised the truth about my husband: he is what he calls a "food philistine" - he doesn't care too much about what he eats as long as it's edible.  His go-to recipe for dinner goes something like this: minced beef, soy sauce, pineapple, and frozen veg, all piled on some white rice.  For someone like me who loves their food, this was absolute blasphemy and totally incomprehensible.  I fainted in shock.

Later, once I'd had a slice of cake and fully recovered, we reached a compromise: he would learn how to make a few more easy dinners so that he could cook at least once a week, and I would continue to buy cookbooks and take cooking courses so that I could make really nice meals.  I'm still secretly hoping that one day something I feed Jonno will spark his tastebuds and awake the foodie that I know is inside.

I'm happy to report that Jonno has become the master pizza dough maker in the family!

The New Baker in Town

As an American, most of the things that I baked before the age of 25 came from a box.  When moved to New Zealand, I learned that making things from scratch actually wasn't that hard and was a part of NZ's culinary heritage.  So I've been trying to make up for my past deficiencies in baking with a vengeance and make good on my new last name of Baker, and my workmates have been reaping the benefits (and the calories!). 

I've been going back and forth between learning the traditional NZ recipes, like sticky date pudding, and bringing in some American comfort food, such as cupcakes piled high with buttercream icing and good old apple pie.  I can't abandon my roots entirely, you know!

Check out my (coming soon!) recipe index for a taste of what's come out of my oven lately.

My Kiwi Cake - it's kiwi as, bro!