Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mishaps into Adventures

Last day in Croatia, sad face. Love this country. Seriously, skip Western Europe, all of it, and just come to Croatia. The people are soooo nice, everyone we have met has been so lovely, and the weather is great, and its just a beautiful place. And there is plenty of pizza. It was so nice to just bomb around for a week in Dubrovnik. Our day in Split turned out to be an interesting one. We didnt feel like doing the touristy stuff, what little there was, or going to the beach, since my legs were still ablaze from our previous encounters with the sun, so we were kind of at a loss. We got nice pastries for breakfastlunch (Aunt Val would be proud!), and then were quite at a loss for what to do. So we sat and had a cold coke and some ice cream, every good travellers fall back. After our sugar revival, we started talking about books, fantasy books to be exact. And I dont quite remember how we got on the topic, but we decided that after all the books we have read (somewhere in the hundreds!), we could write one together. So thats what we started doing, right there, on the Riva (a long strolling street on the waterfront), working out our characters and plot. We had also decided that we wanted to see a movie. So we asked the hostel man, and he gave us directions to the mall where the new movie theaters were. We were desperate for some mundaneness, so we set off on an adventure. Turned out to be closer than we thought, only about 20 minutes walking. After some serious escalator riding, we found the theater, and to our immense delight, found that the movies were indeed in English, with Croatian subtitles, which we could ignore. So what did we do? Bought two tickets for Sex In the City, of course! And spent the time in between in a bookstore (where else would the two Hoey girls go?) and writing down our book ideas. Movie was fabulous, exactly the escape from travelling that we needed. Walked home in the dark, oh no! not in the dark, by ourselves!, and were happy with our non-touristy day.

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