Sunday, August 17, 2008

Central Park, Balloon Animals, and Mickey Mantle

Stopped by Dunkin on our way to Central Park for some nourishment, and I ended up getting the magical iced coffee that refused to mix with the 6 or so packets of sugar that I dumped in. Absolutely diabolical in the way that the two substances refused to combine to form a lovely refreshing drink. Enough to make a girl go nuts.

It was a lovely day for a stroll through Central Park, high clouds overhead making the light and shadows dance through the trees. Except for the damn runners that think they have complete jurisdiction over the paths and trails, I swear its like if you're anywhere near their orbit, watch out because you are about to get run over by their grunty sweaty mess. Whole packs of them, like schools of fish, would take over the paths, heaven help you if you get in their way. Had to walk in the opposite direction from the runners just so you could see them coming and avoid them. And, oh lord, if you decide to stop and admire the scenery, you are the cause of a 10-runner pile-up, no question.

So after being nearly pancaked by runners and successfully making it to the other side of Central Park, we turned right down 5th Avenue, where it was a damn good thing I didn't have any cash on me, because if I had, well it would be gone now. There were sooo many artists and photographers with tables set up, nicely cheap too. I still have two days to find my way back down there to rectify my lack of NYC art though, that's what I keep telling myself. :)

Worked our way down to the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art), where we got in free thanks to R's cousin's pass, and saved ourselves $40 in admissions. Yay free! We were there to see the new Superhero exhibit, which showcased the costumes worn by the actors in the recent superhero movies, along with some high fashion pieces inspired by the sh's, and some very interesting commentary about the different aspects of sh's and what they stand for, etc etc.

Saw the Dark Knight Batman cozzie, Chris Reeves' Superman, Wonder Woman, the IronMan suit from the 2008 movie, Spiderman both good and bad, and the appliques they put on Rebecca Romijn-Stamos when she played Mystique in XMen. Very cool stuff and slightly nerdy with the commentary that was basically analyzing differnt aspects of superheroes, like super powers vs. super suits and gadgets. Right up my alley. :)
Got a nip of wine at the bar to wind down from the nerdiness, thanks Mom and Dad Epstein! Went up to the rooftop garden to check out the huge acid-green metallic balloon-animal dog sculpture (photo) and some awesome views of the city and Central Park. After the Met, walked down to the end of Central Park to the Plaza hotel, where we thought we could use the bathroom in superior luxury, but the place ended up being such a rabbit warren of hallways and stairs (and no huge lobby that they always show in the movies!), that we left disappointed and found our way around the block to the Mickey Mantle sports bar for some lunch and more beer! Mmmm beer. 
p.s. how bout that Phelps guy? :) Pretty effing amazing.

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