Monday, August 18, 2008

A Sox Fan in Yankeeland

We subwayed up to the Bronx to check and see if we could scalp some tickets to the Yankees game against the Royals. No one wanted to sell us some cheap tickets, it being the last year for the Yanks in their current stadium, and maybe the fact that I was wearing my Schilling Red Sox tshirt also deterred the scalpers from selling us anything under $100.

So we walked around the stadium, took some pictures, and only got heckled 6 times, and even got a couple Sox cheers. Glad we didn't actually go to the game though, not sure I would have made it out alive!

Hopped on the subway, intending to get off near the Brooklyn Bridge, and ended up going way far into Brooklyn itself. Slightly sketchy! The five minutes we spent above ground was really enough for me.

Backtracked, trekked down through Chinatown, and finally found our way down near the Brooklyn Bridge, absolutely beautiful in a structual way. There is currently an art installation of six waterfalls all along the East River, with one right under one of the piers of the bridge. Kind of a random thing to do, but they were all up and down where we were, and really added something else to the whole skyline of Brooklyn.

Wandered along the waterfront down to the pier, got some beers, sat by the water and just enjoyed the sunset. After the sun went down, they lit up the waterfalls!

Photo: graffitti down by the Brooklyn Bridge. Originial, right?

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