Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who doesn't love New York?

Our day started late as we subwayed it down to the Staten Island Ferry to fulfill our Americanly duty and gawk at the Stat(ue) of Lib(erty) and Ellis Island, which I am wondering if that's where my babushka (gradmother) and co. went when they came to America in 1950. Sad that I can't ask Babushka herself.

The Staten Island Ferry was free! Yeah, rockin the free stuff!! Stat of Lib was cool, but I have to say that since I've seen it so many times in movies and the media, it didn't have that awe effect on me. Plus, there's one just like it in Paris that you can actually walk right up to, which I have, so I've seen it much closer.

Photo: lower east side of Manhattan as seen from the ferry.

Post-ferry, we subwayed it back up town to 72nd street and went over to Strawberry Fields (popular hang out of this band, don't know if anyone's heard of them, the Beatles) and saw the IMAGINE mosaic in the concrete covered in flowers. Very cool. 

That's it for my New York City adventure.  Clearly I need to come back!

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