Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things that make the winter tolerable

1. My kittehs, Spice and Lucy, even when they are giving me "WTF" looks like this, which they do with surprisingly regularity.  Maybe because I like to get up in their faces and talk like a baby to them.  But they don't seem to mind sitting in our laps and warming us right up on these frosty nights!

2. Sunday brunches aka my quest to find the best Mocha in Wellington.  They warm my soul.  Having delicious slices to go with it doesn't hurt either.  There are from Seatoun Cafe, and their Ginger Slice is uh-maze-ing.  

3. The kiwi breakfast of eggs on toast with Canadian bacon, mushrooms and tomato.  It's a bit of a mission getting all those flavors on one fork, but I have mastered the skill due to many mornings (actually it's usually more in the afternoons since we can't get out of bed on a weekend morning to save our lives) of practice and application.  What I want to know is why I hadn't encountered this heavenly combination until a Kiwi made it for us one morning, post-party.  Ah well, the mystery may never be solved, but I will never stop loving this cholesterol-fest!

4. Sunsets like these.

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