Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Best Hot Drink for 4pm at Work

This hot drink is brought to you courtesy of my little brother-in-law Josh, who knows way more than me about coffee even though I've been drinking it longer than he's been alive.  Let me clarify: homeboy is just barely 18 and I was a very precocious coffee-drinker, we're talking at the tender age of 9 or so.  I would drink some of my parents coffee on weekends when they left the lounge to go to the bathroom or something, even if it was cold.  And we're talking the drip-style not-the-most-expensive brand of coffe grounds, because my parents weren't the discerning caffeine-lovers they are now back then, they just needed the hit of energy in order to keep up with us two crazy-weird girls.  My parents have since refined their palate and also visited Melbourne and Wellington a few times, and now consider themselves connoisseurs. 

Anywho, Josh introduced me to his concoction after working at Coffee Creations in Petone, and I am hooked.  It's my go-to 4pm drink when I'm tending towards falling asleep at my desk and need something to smack me in the face a little bit, but it's not going to keep me up til 3 am like a straight flat white will. 

I *may* have set up this shot with some file folders.  Hey, you need something to make it interesting when the day isn't quite over yet, right? 

So here's how you make this guy - in your coffee cup make half of your normal espresso-based drink (i.e. I have two shots of espresso from the machine, so I only put one in this), add one(ish) heaping spoonful of Milo, and fill the rest of the cup up with steamed milk, adding sugar to taste.  Maybe get a little arty with your foam if you feel like it.  Or get overexcited about having said drink, and spill a little on your desk. 

Who does that?  Not this girl, nooo!
Now enjoy!  Or enjoy right up until you get a linky email from a "friend" with the subject line of 'Love Doll Race' - how can you not check out the link it sends you to??  (Beware, Not Safe for Work, or Children, or anyone with certain sensibilities!)  Because let me tell ya, I had to struggle to keep the look of incredulity and sheer shock (not bad shock, just very surprised shock) off my face at work!  Click if you dare!  Or just make this drink and be happy.

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