Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I love vareniki, and I know they love me too.*

If you Google "vareniki" you will find one very interesting Wikipedia definition and about a thousand blog posts on them.  I had to stop myself from opening each one and salivating over my keyboard.  I love vareniki.  They are simple in form, yet labor-intensive to make, but the hard work and sore muscles are worth it in the end.  My Babushka's (Ukrainian for Grandmother) vareniki were the best, the pillar of Ukrainian comfort food to me, and I miss her something fierce, but she made sure that all us girls in her family could make these pillows of heaven too. 

Vareniki are essentially big dumplings filled with a potato and onion mixture, then cooked up with some bacon and onions.  (Bacon makes everything ok.)  And you must slather them with sour cream!  Otherwise, we can't be friends.

So the other day my darling seester KK sent me this photo:

She and mom were making vareniki, thousands of miles away in Washington D.C.  That wench!  Then this happened over the next 48 hours:

C: In the post to me, they need to be. :)
KK: I know you will sob, but they have all been nommed!
C: Outraged am I, and now I will cry.
KK: Hey I'm not your elf, go make some yourself!
C: No I cannot do it, it takes more than one person to get through it!
KK: well it seems you're screwed, now eat some other food!
C: Jonno made me some fish, and it was delish. 

Now I need to schedule me in a day to make some vareniki.  Cara - you up to the challenge again?? :)  I'll pay in Ukrainian treats!  *Subject line blatantly stolen from Cara's tumblr, which is awesome in a very girly way.  Check it!

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