Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oz - Three Months In!

It's a Friday night here in Melbourne, and I find myself with a rare night at home, so I figured I should put in an update or two. I'll answer the most common questions I've been getting from people.
view of Flinders Street Station and part of Federation Square, the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

(1) How do you like it there?

Um, I freakin love it. I think first of all, its because of the situation that I'm in - I'm on my own really for the first time in my life. Also because Melbourne is just generally awesome.

(2) Do you have a place to live? What's it like?

Yep, I found myself a flat and I live in the suburb of Brighton. The flat is about a block away from Bay Street, which has a bunch of shops and cafes, and the train station is right there too, all a convenient 7 minute walk from my door. And the train goes right into the city, only takes about 15 minutes straight to the center of it all. Photo: My flatmate Lena and me at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

(3) Any scary jellyfish encounters? I.e. what happened to that swimming thing you were supposed to be doing?

Well for one that was something I was gonna do when the plan was to live in Sydney. Clearly that is not the case anymore, and I got into swimming at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) with my friends Matt and Amy instead. We swam in the 24 Hour Mega Swim for MS Australia in the middle of Feb, and really haven't swum since. One day we'll get back into it. So no, no jellyfish, thankfully. At one point I did want to go snorkeling with the seals down in Port Philip Bay, until I was informed that the seals are sharks' favorite food, so that didn't happen either. I'll stay in the pool, thank you! Photo: Matt, Amy and me at the 24 Mega Swim! We really only swam for 1-2 hours each, but still a big deal!

(4) Are you working?

Yes and no - I am working, but not for money. I'm currently utilising my administrative and orgainsational skills by volunteering for Make-A-Wish Australia and Benetas during the week. At MAW I'm helping to recruit volunteers for Wish Day, their national fundraiser, and also doing other odd jobs to get things for Wish Day all in order. At Benetas (an aged care nonprofit), I've been working with the donor database to develop different lists so they can do different targeted mailings and things like that.  Photo: completed unrelated to me working, but its of our favorite cheese and crackers-ness that we take out for picnics. Thumbs up!

(5) What the hell is footy?

Its called "the footy", that "the" is vital. Its Aussie Rules Football. And its awesome. Really, you just have to watch and go to a game if possible.

(6) What else have you been doing?

Going to lots of festivals and things like: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, The Cat Empire concert, saw Slumdog Millionaire at Moonlight Cinemas in the Botanical Gardens, the Viva Victoria multicultural festival, saw The Poor Boy with Guy Pearce which turned out to be a dreadful musical even though it had been talked up like crazy, and doing a lot of shopping at the different markets and shops. This place owns my credit card! Photo: The Cat Empire concert - yummy musicians from Melbourne, drool.

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