Saturday, March 28, 2009

At the Sydney Aquarium

So while I was in Sydney, I ventured down to the aquarium to check out all the fishies. I had been told, by an American mind you, that it was a really good aquarium as aquariums go, and this guy had been there 4 times already. Well being from the Washington metro area has certainly spoiled me, because just an hour north of us in Baltimore is probably the best aquarium. EVER. Boston's gives it a fair run, but Baltimore still wins. The only thing Sydney's had that was anywhere close to Baltimore and Boston were its dugongs, which are closely related to manatees, and this sign over the croc exhibit:
How brilliant is that?! Much better than a sign literally instructing one to feed their children to the crocs. I laughed my way through til I ran into this cheeky sign posted on the approach to the shark tank:
Um, OK! I'll go pet the koalas! And can I hold one too? And take him home? No? OK, well don't blame me if you're missing one of these cuddlies by the end of the day. He's not hiding in my bag, I swear!
So with thoughts of seeing the fuzzy-wuzzies after the fishies in my head, I continued through the sharks, and was only slightly creeped out when I saw them congregating over my head. Looked like they were laying in wait for that crack in the tank, so they could just chow down on my head, nom nom nom.Yeah, I'm definitely not petting these guys. But I will name them. The one on the left looks like a GusGus to me, the middle one is wittle Petie, and over there on the right, that's ol' Bernard. Yep, jus' waitin for a snack to come along. Moving right along! I found Nemo!!And his laid-back surfer turtle buddy that he met on EAC - East Australian Current!And my personal favorite - Dori!!! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...Wait, why are there two Dori's? What's going on?! I don't understand, how can there be two Dori's?! It's not right! It's not natural! Oh, what's that, one is Dori and the other one is her equally forgetful sister Lori? Oh, ok, that's fine. Phew. My childish innocence was almost destroyed! So after finding Nemo and his pals, nothing really held my interest through the rest of the aquarium. Not very impressed. Until I got to the gift shop and saw these: Ummm, what the hell are these?! Does someone actually think that a child would want a stuffed jellyfish?! Even if they do come in unrealistically bright and playful colors, small children should run screaming from these horrible toys. Just like I did. Yep, straight out, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, do not stop next door to see the cuddly-wuddlies. Sorry Sydney, you just lost a customer to see your aminals because of your obsurdly misguided decision to stock deadly sea creatures in plush form. Bad idea, really guys. As for me, I went to drown my fear in some Thai food and a Koonawarra red with a guy that was staying in my room back at the hostel. He showed me a DVD about Milford Sound in New Zealand, he really shouldn't have coz now I HAVE to go there. Absolutely have to. Won't be able to live with myself if I don't. Good thing I have a seester coming over to NZ with me that will indulge and participate in my travel fantasies. So that was the Sydney Aquarium. My advice: skip this place unless you have a fetish with dugongs, coz this is the only place you'll see them in a captive environment. Otherwise, go cuddle a koala. And please, make sure you bring one home for me, I need a pet.

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