Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm in Moscow and I'm alive...

...but there's not much else to report.

I have no suitcase, it got lost by the airline and hasn't been delivered yet. I spent two hours at the lost luggage desk, trying to get a form to fill out in English, and fighting with all the other irate Russians who had missing luggage, before I finally got the paperwork done and stamped. Still not convinced that I did everything I needed to.

I had to wash my jeans in the sink with dish soap last night! I am mooching shower stuff off these great girls I met in the program. At least we get lunch and breakfast here at the academy. 

Basically everything that could go wrong, has. But I'm still alive. The one bright spot - I was put in first class on the flight from DC to Heathrow, because I was traveling alone. But, on the flight from Heathrow to Moscow, when the plane touched down on the runway, all the passengers erupted in applause and cheers....makes me nervous when a normal plane landing is cause for celebration! Moscow is interesting, marketing people go over the top with their ads, giant billboards, and absolutely ridiculously huge building-covering signs, they must be paid really well.  Photo: my posh bathroom where I wash my jeans!

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