Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New year, new......

....Ok, I haven't figured that part out yet.  I turned 28 yesterday, officially the "late 20's", and ten years after I graduated from high school.  Like, really?!  How did ten years escape so damn fast?  And I'm married and live with a boy?!
And I live in New Zealand?!  I've just realized - my kitties are Kiwi!  If kitties had passports, then 3 out of our little family of 4 would have New Zealand passports.  I always thought I would grow up to have little American kitties, fat and happy, but no, Spice and Lucy are "kiwi as, bro".  Maybe that's why they seem to like Jonno better than me.
the missing SpiceGirl - Emo Spice
This is Spice, and she loves Jonno's lap.  As soon as we get home, she trots right up to him and starts her little "Hurry up and sit down on that couch so I can has a nap on your lap" routine - chirping and circling him like a shark until he finally plops down, and she promptly leaps gracefully onto his lap, does one wee doggy circle and settles exactly like this.  And then gives me this Look, lofty and scathing at the same time, firmly reminding me that she is Top Kitteh in our house. 
All the Kiwis in my house are banding together, grrr.  Well, I'll be a Kiwi a few years!  If Immigration get off their bums and finally process my Residency application...  Maybe if I send them some of my baking it will speed up the process?  A little sugar could go a long way!  Here's what I made this past weekend for my birthday:
Oreo-stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies
Or I should say, Jonno made the Peanutbutter Chocolate Chippies (From Bakerella, although I can't find the recipe on her site, so I'll attach it here) and I made the Oreo-stuffed Chockies (from Amanda @ Amandeleine).  And MMMMMMMM they were damn good.  We had a smorgasbord of sugar set out on our coffee table - cookies, lollies, cocktails, and sugary sappy girlie movies! 

There was even more baking that occurred, but I will share that later because it deserves its own post.  Full disclosure: both recipes were blatantly used straight from their sources, as I have not yet gotten into the whole writing-the-recipes-in-your-own-words thing yet.  I take no credit for the recipes, but I did bake the deliciousness and take the photos posted here.

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