Friday, August 10, 2007

Better Ballet

Last night we went to see "Swan Lake" ballet, and it was so much better than "the Nutcracker".

Photo: Mike, Nadia, rock star Imane, Mark, Hesook, and Jakob in the nose-bleed balcony at the ballet

I guess from color guard I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things that are supposed to be done in complete unison, and the Nutcracker really wasn't. Swan Lake however, was ridiculous - everything was perfect. I was looking for mistakes! And the guys can jump so high, its amazing, they make it look so easy! Makes me wonder what their feet look like at the end of the night after dancing in toe shoes all night.

We had a really great time, aside from having our knees jammed up against the wall in front of us as we were craning to see the whole stage, since we were on the far right side of the balcony. We went out to a really nice Chinese restaurant afterwards, and before you say, "Chinese?! But you're in Russia!" I have an answer for that. (1) I was told that Chinese food is really good here, and it was; (2) We eat Russian food every day here at the Academy for breakfast and lunch; (3) we were pretty much all in the mood for something that was not pizza. So Chinese was nice, and then we went home, the girls came up to my flat for a drink, which is becoming a bit of a nightly ritual

Photo: Nadia, Mike, and Imane up at my flat for a drink one night.

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