Monday, June 30, 2008

Rome is Melting

Oh. My. God. It. Is. Sooooooo. Hot.

Thank goodness KK and I have done this city already. We don't have to feel guilty about spending the better part of the day inside. We walked around a bit downtown yesterday, got some lovely gelato and sat at the Piazza Navona and watched the people and talked. Three different guys came up to us, trying to "use our finger", i.e. so he could braid a friendship bracelet using our finger as its anchor point, tie it around our wrist and charge us 5 euro. They all had the same schtick: after we said no repeatedly, they would ask us "meow?", making fun of us I guess, and then KK and I would say (in unison, inevitably), "we are not cats!", and then they would be like "calm down, relax", but at least they would leave us alone. Annoying buggers.

After some more walking, we found the Abbey Theatre Irish pub, which had AIR CONDITIONING, so of course we had to stop in for a pint. I had some Harp - I've put myself in training for Ireland's beer. So that was nice and cool and cave-like.

Some more walking later, and we finally decided to eat dinner, circa 10 pm, like the Romans do. I had a salad!! And wine! A BIG glass of wine. Like a fishbowl big. And I drank it all - mommy taught me to never waste. I think I was leaning on KK a bit after that, weaving down the street. Somehow we were at the exact opposite end of the city from our lodgings, and getting back was a bit tricky, because it was night bus time, which are different from the day buses, so eventually we found a bus that went to Termini, the train station, and got on. KK caught a cab home, and walked very fast back to my hostel. End of Saturday.

Currently, we are both hanging out here at my hostel because it is hot as.....fill in blank. We have tickets to hop on the Archeobus at 3pm, so go see some catacombs (underground, cool places!). Then who knows. More air conditioned pub? Who knew an Irish pub would be our favorite place so far in Rome. Like I said, I'm glad that we have seen it all before so we dont have to worry about fighting the crowds and the heat to do something like the Colosseum. 

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